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Some people are using the audio for radio and podcasts. Use the video however you wish.

Screenings and Distribution

Any or all of these films may be screened or repackaged for profit. I would hope that you would let me know of such screenings or distributions, so that I may announce them on our and here on the website, but it is not mandatory.

If you wish to charge for screenings, you do not need to pass on any money to me. The films are not copyrighted.They are Creative Commons with Attribution, which basically means just don’t say you created them. (Actually, it says you have to say that I did do them, which would be appreciated, but that’s also kind of covered because it says that in the credits.)

Gonna Be a Soldier has subtitles available in 12 languages. The other films have subtitles in 5 languages: Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese (simplified). Currently, the subtitles are only on the YouTube videos, but as soon as I get requests, I will make the subtitles available for the download versions as well.