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Jonny Lewis

Films: G.I. Hospital, Here’s Your Flag, We Saved Private Ryan, Cadence, Truth in Recruiting

A native of Michigan, Jonny Lewis started acting at age 45 in New York City after being invited to a theatre audition “just to watch.” Though he had never acted before, nor had any desire to be an actor, when none of the other actors quite fit the bill, Jonny was asked to try out, and got the part. After doing three plays Off-Off-Broadway in lead roles, he moved to Los Angeles, where he did 150 student and indie films in 8 years. (About a fourth of which are listed on IMDb.)

In 2009 Lewis started writing and directing his own short films. In early 2017 he was halfway through shooting a series of 10 antiwar comedies, with “G.I. Hospital” and “Gonna Be a Soldier” being accepted into about 40 festivals. Having thus shown that there is an audience for the antiwar theme, he has no plans to submit the rest of the series to festivals, though he does plan screenings of the series in various cities, in association with various peace groups.

Won “Best Actor in a Short Film” for the first film he ever did. It was Cleve Lamison’s “The Story”, shot in 2002, and the award was presented in 2004.

Before becoming an actor, Lewis was a publisher of environmental science books.

Jonny’s hobby is languages. He has studied several, both formally and informally–including Swahili, in preparation for a trip to Tanzania, where he taught English in a magnet school in the highlands. He wrote and directed a couple of short films in Spanish while living in Tijuana. He dabbles in Japanese, both because he has family in Japan and also the written characters fascinate him. As part of his long-range career goals, he hopes one day to shoot a feature film in China.