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A bunch of severely wounded soldiers are okay with their injuries because it was “for our country.”

Story Genesis

Hearing so much patriotism around soldiers and their sacrifices (which they made “for their country”), I wondered how I would feel if I lost my arms or legs in a war “for my country.” After I had made the film, I remembered that when I was 20 years old I had seen a soldier like the “Matt” character. He had no arms and no legs, and had severe burns over what remained of his body. He was out in public, on a gurney, with a small white bucket for donations, and I wondered what good money could possibly do him. We like to say that the human spirit is resilient, but how would you feel in his shoes?

Starring: Deus Xavier Scott, Adrian Gonzalez, Heather Fox, Jonny Lewis, Maxwell Glick, Christine Joëlle.
Animation Directors: Carol Rasaphangthong, Jennifer Kim
Voice Director: Jonny Lewis
Animators: Carol Rasaphangthong, Jennifer Kim
Set Design and Puppet Fabrication: Carol Rasaphangthong, Jennifer Kim
Editor: Carol Rasaphangthong
Sound Recordists: Robbie Daymond, Mark de la Fuente
Composer: David Raiklen
Written & Directed by Jonny Lewis

G.I. Hospital Awards

  • Miami Beach Film Festival — Best Animated Short
  • Chandler International Film Festival — Best Animated Short Film
  • Lionshead Film Festival — Best Animation
  • WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival — Silver Remi, Animation
  • World On Fire Film Festival — Gold Award
  • New York Indie Film Festival — Best Animation

G.I. Hospital festival list

(* indicates festival winner)

  • Animated Arizona Film Festival
  • Animaze Daze in Cannes
  • Atlantic Ave Film Festival
  • Audience Awards’ 2016 Social Political Short Film Festival
  • Chandler International Film Festival*
  • Chautauqua International Film Festival
  • Cinema Soup Film Festival
  • Hollywood Florida Film Festival
  • Indie Night Film Festival
  • International Freethought Film Festival
  • LA Underground Film Forum
  • Lionshead Film Festival*
  • London Monthly Film Festival
  • Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival
  • Miami Beach Film Festival*
  • Miami Independent Film Festival
  • New Haven International Film Festival
  • New York Indie Film Festival
  • NYC Animation/Anime Film Fest
  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
  • Reedy Reels
  • Road House Shorts International Film Festival
  • Say It Loud Film Festival
  • Sioux City International Film Festival
  • The Chico Independent Film Festival
  • Toronto Independent Film Awards
  • UK Monthly Film Festival
  • US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Award
  • WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival*
  • World On Fire Film Festival*
  • Zamoxis Short Film Showcase