Here’s Your Flag

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Here’s Your Flag

An Army officer shows up at Mrs. Cavanaughs’s front door with a flag to replace her dead son—who isn’t dead yet, because he only enlisted yesterday.

Story Genesis

When a young man (or woman) enlists to join the military and go to war, it is implicit—but never spoken—that this young person has signed up to very possibly put their life in danger. The family, too, knows that their son or daughter may not return. If the young person does die, the family is given medals and a flag, as if those things could possibly lessen the loss to the parents or comfort them in any way. By the way, the $100,000 “death gratuity” mentioned in the film is a real thing, and that’s really what it’s called.

Starring: Dawn Sam Alden, Jonny Lewis
Written & Directed by Jonny Lewis