G.I. Hospital (animation)

A bunch of severely wounded soldiers are okay with their injuries because it was “for our country.”

(Contains 15 seconds of pretty harsh swearing.)

Gonna Be a Soldier

6-year-old Joey’s parents explain that he can’t be a doctor when he grows up because they are raising him to be a soldier, and kill people.

Here’s Your Flag

An Army officer shows up at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s front door with a flag to replace her dead son—who isn’t dead yet, because he only enlisted yesterday.

We Saved Private Ryan

Colonel Hodges arrives at Mrs. Ryan’s home to announce the good news—that one of her four sons…is alive!

Block This Caller

An Arab and an American randomly meet in the desert and decide not to fight each other—despite phone calls from “important people higher up” suggesting that they do so.

A Man in Uniform

A flirty woman waiting for an elevator with an Air Force colonel explains why she’s so attracted to men in uniform. One factor is their power to kill other men with impunity.


A young female recruit complains to the major that she doesn’t like the cadence they chant while marching. But her objections are not to the racist and dehumanizing aspects of it.

(Contains the "F" word once.)

Truth in Recruiting

A recruiter is forced by the new “truth in recruiting” policy to admit to a prospective recruit that yes, he “might die, or might get his arms and legs blown off.”

The Finger on the Button

A pentagon General receives a call from the president ordering a nuclear strike against SOUTH Korea. A Major questions the order. Does the president have dementia? Will a nation be obliterated? Watch and see!