At first I only submitted our first two films (G.I. Hospital and Gonna Be a Soldier) to festivals. In January of 2019 I started submitting some of the other films to a few festivals. I am trying to demonstrate that there is an appetite for these films, and therefore perhaps an appetite for peace. Most of the awards can be seen on IMDb. (Some awards were at festivals not listed on IMDb—but we still won them! Two of the awards are listed under the names of our editor and one of our actors instead of under “Jonny Lewis.”)

Awards — 27!

G.I. Hospital

  • California International Shorts Festival
  • Miami Beach Film Festival — Best Animated Short
  • Chandler International Film Festival — Best Animated Short Film
  • Lionshead Film Festival — Best Animation
  • WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival — Silver Remi, Animation
  • World On Fire Film Festival — Gold Award
  • New York Indie Film Festival — Best Animation

Gonna Be a Soldier

  • Chandler International Film Festival — Best Actor Under 18 (Kobe Humphries)
  • Royal Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) — Best Short Film
  • UK Monthly Film Festival — Best Comedy
  • World On Fire Film Festival — Gold Award/Best Social Commentary
  • Awareness Festival — Merit Award

Here’s Your Flag

  • UK Monthly Film Festival — Best Comedy
  • UK Monthly Film Festival — Best Edit (Jason Ferrell)
  • Best Shorts Competition — Award of Recognition
  • Global Shorts — Special Mention
  • Worldfest Houston — Best Dark Comedy
  • New York State International Film Festival — Best Comedy

Block This Caller

  • One Race Human Race Film Festival — People’s Choice Award
  • Awareness Festival — Award of Merit

We Saved Private Ryan

  • Berlin Flash Film Festival — Best Super Short Comedy
  • Portland Comedy Film Festival — Best Dark Comedy Micro Short Film
  • Oregon Short Film Festival — Best Dark Comedy Micro Film
  • Bondance International Film Festival — Best Micro-Short Live Action

The Finger on the Button

  • Berlin Flash Film Festival — Super Short Comedy, Honorable Mention
  • Kyiv Film Festival — Best U.S. Drama Short (seriously!)
  • Madrid International Film Festival — Best Short Film

Truth in Recruiting

  • UK Monthly Film Festival — Best Comedy

Festivals — 150+

Gonna Be a Soldier

  • Atlantic Ave Film FestIval
  • Audience Awards’ 2016 Social Political Short Film Festival
  • Azalea Film Festival
  • Bondance International Film Festival (Japan)
  • Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival
  • Chandler International Film Festival
  • Chico Independent Film Festival
  • Cinema New York
  • East Lansing Film Festival
  • Elevation Indie Film Awards
  • Film Fest 52
  • Flicks4Change
  • Golden Bridge International Film Festival
  • Hellfire Short Film Festival
  • Hollywood